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Friday, 9 July 2010

This cover meets the conventions of a typical music dvd cover,, this is because it shows the artist and and the name stands out. So he can be easily recognized, and attracts the ethnic background which is related to the artist . It shows money, tattoos, chains and a dark background which is a typical representation of the genre. It says parental advisory, explicit lyrics, which is generally shown on all of the music Cd's from the same genre.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

response to feedback

We agree with the majority of the feedback, our main concern is that it only appeals to men and homosexuals, and therefore we have thought it over and decided that we should add girls into this video to include some voyeurism and widen our audience.
We also should have included some more scenes with lip syncing as this would make the video look more professional. Also if we had more people and more different flashes with scenes then this could add more flash to the video and make it more professional too.

group 59 feedback

- watching men working out and posing
- all wearing shorts - showing off their legs
- wearing short sleeved shirts - showing off their arms
Genre Characteristics
- group dancing
- sports clothes
- posing in time with the music
Visuals and Music
- dancing and exercising in time with the music
Visuals and Lyrics
- Lip-syching adds impact to certain lines
- exercising matches the 'Push It' lyric
- work out montage from a boxing/martial arts film
Need to sell artist
- always shown
- always central
- no particular lead
- all portrayed to be athletic and energetic

Andrew Scarlett Kate Michael

For voyeurism the visuals would be appealing to women and homosexuals.

Comical fit with the genre of a hip hop music video along with the dancing.

also the editing fit the music in the background and the lyrics fit the visuals because the title 'push it' was referred with the weight training.

There wasn't any obvious intertexectuality but an improvement could be the use of some females in the video so the song would appeal to all types of audiences and sell the artist better.

Peer Feedback

U2 - 57 : The video was funny especially the dance routine and the action suited the music. There wasn't much visuals with the lyrics though and not a lot of voyeurism. The artists well sold well as comedians but not much else. This is because we see maz lifting light weights but making out that they are heavy. The hip-hop genre characteristics were shown by the dance routine and the energy of the video.

U2 - 56
Voyerism - close ups of body parts and the people lifting weights. Costumes to show off muscles and links to the theme of the song.
Genre Characteristics- Video matched the genre of the song and worked well and good choice of location.
Visuals/Music- Very good combination of visuals and music e.g choice of location and costumes.
Visuals/Lyrics- Lyrics matched with video when the song said 'push it' the boys do exercise to match.
Intertexuality- Tim's t-shirt was a Chelsea football with is not part of the video so this is intertextuality.
Need to Sell the Artist- Showed off the artists with a dance routine.
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